Litter Pail Planters Part Deux

The paint dried pretty quickly and although I added the potting soil last night, it was too dark for a good picture.


One bag of potting soil filled one large, one small and about 1/4 of another small planter.
They aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they will hold a plant. 


And they look way better in sage than in OMG yellow.


Easy enough. 

A couple tips…  Last night I sprayed the outside of the planters, especially around the bases, for ants.  I found out the hard way last year when I grew potatoes in a bucket (we’ll do that again later) the ants will destroy your hands if you try harvest your crop.  So spray the outside around the base to help prevent an infestation without having to spray the actual plant.  
Don’t use cheap-o potting soil like I did.  Use the good stuff, or go organic if you like.
If you don’t have cats and litter pails, use 5 gallon buckets, an old trash can, or even cheap knockoff Rubbermaid totes.  I have a giant tub for potatoes.  Some people use these tubs for toys for their kids.  Not I.  I grow taters….
Don’t limit yourself to veggies, herbs and flowers grow well like this too. Just dont forget to water.
Oh, and if you have a creative streak, you can monogram, decal, or otherwise  gussy up your new planter. 

I reckon that’s all.  I’ll post an update as to if I’ve managed to kill all of my plants this season.  I forgot to tell you, I have a black thumb of doom.

Later ya’ll!!

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