Litter Pail Planters Part One

We have four cats, so as one might imagine we go through a LOT of litter.  And I end up with all these plastic yellow buckets too.  So I decided to do a little redneck recycle project and make them into patio planters.
Now honestly I could care less what they look like. However I live in a neighborhood with an HOA and those bright yellow buckets would be easily seen from the road (and I feel sure some one will complain. Likely that weird guy who lets his dogs poop in my yard, but I digress). A quick coat of spray paint would help that.
Plastic requires spray paint that will adhere to plastic. For this, I used Rustoleum American Accents. Wal-Mart has it for $3-$4. It did about three buckets.

It comes in a host of lovely colors. I chose a nutmeg and a sage. Muted and less, obnoxious colors. But they do have bright lovely colors if that’s the route you are going.

The before. You can clean them now or after you paint. These have labels that don’t come off. If the labels DO come off, I would remove them now.
I drilled a few holes for water to drain.

Some of the tops will make great pot saucers. They will get a bit of paint too. Some tops won’t work though, so keep that in mind if saucers are important to you.

I didn’t paint the bottom. Just the sides and a little into the container, like an inch or so. The dirt isn’t going to be to the tippity top, so it gives the illusion of a nicer pot. Or at least I like to think so. You don’t have to prime these, but if using light colors a primer will help cover the labels. Something that I did not think of first.
I wasn’t going for perfect. Just not yellow. See how I painted the inside just a little?

Even the tops got a coat. The bottom of the lid and the middle got nada. No one is going to see it so why waste paint?

Well that’s part one. All of this has to dry before I can do much else.

See ya’ll when it’s all dry!


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