Redneck Fairy Garden

Let’s be honest, the cost to make one of those DIY fairy gardens is far from magical.  I priced the bits and parts to make one and wow.  It wasn’t going to happen. 8 bucks for a gnome, 30 for a gnome house?  Nah.  I ain’t paying that much.
So I gathered what I already had and creates this:


Its just not enough.  It looks like a gnome drug dealer under a street light…  So I took a trip.  On down to the good old DG.  Yup, the Dollar General.  Always a good place for fun stuff at a reasonable price. 
So I redid the planter by the door.


I added a trailer, two rabbits and a turtle.



I can’t tell if the rabbit is laughing or about blow chunks.  It’s hard to tell…

I spent less than 10 bucks upgrading what I already had. I couldn’t have gotten the gnome, let alone the house for that.
Redneck Fairy Planter. It really is too cute.

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