Chicken Salad: Embroidery

I have a lovely Brother PE-770.  I bought it last year and I truly enjoy making gifts for other people.


My set up is “Chicken S**T” but it works and I can roll it away to a spare room when I’m done.  Had we had children by now, that spare room would have been a Firefly themed nursery, but as it is it’s just a spare room where I stow my machine and the litter boxes.
Anywho, this week I made a pile of goodies.


A kitty cat kitchen towel for a birthday present.



Two vests for my 92 year old grandmother’s birthday.


And a silly bar mop for part of a house warming.  Plus another three hand towels I did not photograph.

I’ve been busy.

It’s fun though. I love to watch things stitch out, and its really great to see the look on people’s faces when they get their custom gift made with the talents (*cough cough*) of moi.

So there’s your Chicken Salad for tonight.  I have some really neat stuff planned, so stay tuned.

Later ya’ll

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