Redneck Apothecary

In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to double post tonight.  Welcome to the Redneck Apothecary. As you may remember from a previous post, our county isn’t accepting glass for recycling anymore. I’ve been busy researching what to do with all the little jars I accumulate over the span of a month or so. Pimentos, Romano cheese, jelly, chow-chow, and the list goes on and on.  I’ve seen this idea someplace, and I wanted to try it out for a while.
First, you need some clean jars. Artemis approved, so we can move on…


Then using a nifty glass frosting spray,


You frost up the jars.  I frosted the outside.


Using a post I was able to frost the glass with little mess.  I did two or three coats.
Then I painted those ugly lids.


The spray handle is the best thing in the world for spray paint.  Seriously, stop what you are doing and go get one now.  I’ll wait….


While you were at the store, I gathered up my now dry lids and things.
You have to punch holes in the lids.


I used a nail. You can use a drill or ice pick or what ever you feel comfortable with.


It’s kinda sharp.  So beat it with a hammer.


After that put the drawer pulls through the top and secure, if needed, with glue. Or skip the hole punching, and use a strong glue to secure the pulls.

So when it’s dry, you have a lovely jar to gift homemade bath items or to store things in.


Well that about does it.  You can add labels, or other decorations if you please. Or a LED tea light.
Have fun ya’ll!!

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