Cat Proofing 101

A few months ago we bought a new couch.  The old one was green and we had bought it our first Christmas, something like 7+ years ago.  I had re-stuffed it and honestly, it had had a good life. So 600 bucks later (believe me we shopped around), this lovely couch entered the Chicken Salad household.  At that time we only had four cats. (**Only**)


The Chicken Salad Husband approves (as do three of the four cats)

This couch sits well and is way bigger than we anticipated. Like, WAY bigger. But we like it.  The weird-o delivery man showed up with this tied to the back of his pick-up truck (I paid for this?!)  The “non-woven material” underside had a slight tear and I noticed the monsters (specifically Nike) spending a LOT of time hiding under it.
So, like our box springs, I knew I had to “Cat Proof” the couch.  Especially after cat #5 came home.
I have a heavy-duty upholstery staple gun and staples for it, so all I had to buy was the canvas painters cloth.  (I also had a hammer and glue)
The underside looked like this:


The legs have been removed for your entertainment… 

This “non-woven” fabric is the same kind of stuff they make those cheap “reusable” bags our of.  I really hate the stuff and it tears pretty easily.


Chicken Salad hands

I stapled the drop cloth along the wooden frame.  I kept the staples close together and did both the horizontal and vertical parts of the frame.  I tried to keep the material pulled tight.  It didn’t have to be perfect, but it the less sag the less playtime the kitties will have. I also used a hammer to beat the staples deep into the wood so kitties (and Chicken Salad toes) don’t snag a staple and rip open some skin. This part took a little time, and my hands were cramped after I was done, but all in all, it is an easy job.


Sirius attempting to assist.

The legs were kind of tricky.  I cut a little hole where the screws on the legs go into the couch and added a little glue to prevent fraying.  Fray-Check (available where fine sewing goods are sold) would have been better, but I couldn’t find mine and I am impatient.


I gave it a couple of minutes to dry, kinda.  And put the legs in place.  This is just Elmer’s Glue-All.  Nothing fancy.  Just a little protection for the hole.



All Done!!

The bottom of the couch AND the ottoman were done in this way.  Had I to do it over, I would have sewn a strip of fabric along the edge, kind of like a quilt binding, to give the cut edge a little more strength.  As it was I folded it under and stapled the raw edges along the bottom and sides where I made a cut.  I put the legs back on and its cat resistant, if not cat proof.
I highly recommend the heavy duty, not medium duty canvas drop cloth.  It will hold up better and its just a few dollars more. This was medium duty and under our bed we have heavy duty.  Our cats loved to run around inside the mattress support at night through a hole they tore.  So the canvas helped BIG TIME.
This project was under $20 and took around an hour.  The original “chicken S**T” material was replaced with something more “chicken salad”.  And the cats, ah they don’t notice or care!

Have fun ya’ll!!

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