This is a blog about making something cool out of junk.  They used to tell me at the fire station “you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s**t”.  I am here to tell you that you can, and I shall.

I’m 40, married and CNBC (childless not by choice).  We are living the dream, sort of.  I work in government (yes yes I’m a bureaucrat) and it pays the bills.  I want to do something more.  I want to write. I want to see the world.  I want to do great things…. wait, that’s not going to happen working in small government.  At least not the first two.

So back to what the heck I’m doing.  I love to craft.  But…. I’m cheap.  Yes flat out cheap.  I have to be, I don’t make a lot of money, (even our pension plan is getting screwed over this year, going up to 9% of my check??!!) but I love what I do, and then there is the insurance.   I have to figure out how to do things on the cheap. I catch sales, use coupons, and reuse stuff in weird ways.

So this blog is mostly about a CNBC woman filling up her broken heart with fun while she tries to do cool stuff for very little.  I cant promise all of the projects are going to be super cheap-o remakes, but hey, I’m gonna try.

Let’s get started making chicken salad ya’ll!!